Botox Insurance: What Aesthetic Treatments Can Be Insured?

By Florence Goulbourne

With the aesthetics sector boom showing no signs of slowing, surging treatment bookings and the emergence of new products inevitably leads to an increase in claims. So, if you’re a newly qualified aesthetics professional or looking to expand your clinic offering with new products, you may be wondering, what aesthetic treatments can be insured. 

At Fox Insure, we can arrange insurance coverage for a wide range of aesthetic treatments and products including Botox insurance. To be accepted for insurance, aesthetics professionals must be suitably qualified and should be able to demonstrate the relevant certifications to carry out that specific treatment. 

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What Aesthetic Treatments Can Be Insured? 

Fox has a wealth of expertise within the cosmetics and aesthetics industries. As an aesthetics provider, we have developed a market-leading portfolio of product exclusives, including skin boosters like Seventy Hyal 2000, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and PLLA fillers such as aesPlla. We have in-depth knowledge of the treatments that you carry out and the products that you use, meaning we’re uniquely placed to give you the specialist advice that you’re seeking.  

At Fox Insure, we arrange insurance for all aesthetic professionals across a range of aesthetic treatments. This typically includes skin treatments such as Botox insurance (anti-wrinkle injections), chemical peels, micro-needling, mesotherapy, non-ablative Laser, radiofrequency treatments and microdermabrasion, alongside a variety of other treatments. 

We know that aesthetics trends are ever-evolving – that’s why our treatment list is regularly reviewed to make sure that you can keep up with client demand. Our experts are on hand to discuss your insurance needs. 

aesPlla- PLLA filler

What Should I Do if I Start Offering New Treatments? 

New aesthetic treatments are constantly emerging, meaning that your clinic’s offering is likely to evolve to keep up with market trends and client demand. 

Any new products that you wish to offer need to comply with all registration and qualification requirements. If you are considering offering additional treatments in your clinic, you should discuss the proposed treatments with one of our insurance advisors. 

For more information, get in touch with our expert team who are always on hand to go the extra mile for your needs or alternatively, fill out an enquiry form here.  

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